First Year PCT Manukau Programme for Teachers who Teach 4-8 Year Students

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 27 November 2019
Notice reference #: 1HA3Ee

Commencing Wednesday 12 February, a one year programme covering 7 sessions each scheduled 9am to 3pm including an opening mentoring hour, closing reflective period with Jo Williams, Lead Facilitator. This programme offers continuous personal mentoring support, a line up of knowledgeable and expert facilitators, encourages collaborative networking amongst teachers.

Session 1: Getting Started: Jo Williams provides information about the Induction and Mentoring Programme, unpacks codes-standards, sets goals, portfolios, collecting evidence-documentation in a ‘work smart’ way,  effective learning environments, developing positive relationships, learner engagement, ‘starter off’ behaviour management strategies.  

Session 2Sheena Cameron offers Practical Ideas for a Balanced Reading Programme including relevant hands-on approaches, managing and organising groups, purposeful reading responses, student activities. 

Session 3: Lucie Cheeseman develops an Inquiry Based, Rich, Connected Mathematics Programme unpacking learning progressions and alignment in the NZ Curriculum with Number Framework. Focusing on developing a problem solving approach in mathematics, enhancing students’ collaborative and communication skills, resilience as mathematicians.

Session 4: Sarah Valintine establishes a Balanced Writing Programme for Diverse  Learners covering essential elements for well balanced, engaging writing programmes, practical tools for today’s diverse learners, formative practice techniques to ensure accelerated learning achievement in writing, building teacher confidence.

Session 5: Michele Coxhead integrates more te reo Maori in the Mainstream Classroom demonstrating commitment to tangata whenua and Te Tirito o Waitangi partnership in Aotearoa NZ, including ‘protection, partnership, participation’ with activities,  resources.

Session 6: Madeleine Collins considers Student Engagement through Science and an Integrated Curriculum including looking through a science lens, fostering a ‘sense of wonder’, early inquiry, questioning, thinking skills.

Session 7: Teachers’ Choice, a topic that is jointly selected as a preferred final subject, the teachers having worked, collaborated together during the year.

Venue/location: MIT Pasifika Community Centre, Otara North Campus, Otara, Auckland

Cost: $895 GST inclusive


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12 February 2020 – 12 February 2020

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Contact: Alison Miller

 (027) 544 2924