Strengthening Self-efficacy in the Classroom for Both Teachers and Students

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Posted: 25 November 2019
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Strengthening self-efficacy in the classroom for both teachers and students with Chris Wall

Self-efficacy and Collective Teacher Efficacy (CTE) has become increasingly prominent in educational parlance. This has been reinforced by recent research presented by John Hattie that promotes CTE and self-efficacy as having substantial effect sizes on student achievement.

This will be a two-session workshop that seeks to explore the following questions:

What is self-efficacy, and what is collective teacher efficacy? What influences both student and teacher perceptions of efficacy? How can I strengthen efficacy beliefs in my students, colleagues and staff?

Chris Wall will share current educational research on self-efficacy, findings from his own research and possible interventions and strategies that can be used to promote positive self-efficacy beliefs in the classroom. Self-efficacy is a complex and multifaceted construct, but Chris will highlight that with increased understanding it is possible to support both students and teachers to develop their beliefs of efficacy. At the end of the first session resources will be introduced to support schools to measure self-efficacy and collective teacher efficacy. Chris will collect this data prior to the second session and analyse it.

The second session we will review the results from these measurements and look to co-construct interventions that could be used to strengthen self-efficacy and collective teacher efficacy in individual contexts.

Chris Wall is an Assistant Principal at Ormiston Senior College. In 2018 while on a TeachNZ study award he completed his masters thesis investigating self-efficacy and cultural capital. This research looked at how efficacy beliefs are reinforced in a classroom environment and investigated ways in which educators and leaders can strengthen self-efficacy. Since then Chris has been looking for ways to grow the self-efficacy of both students and teachers while running the professional learning programme at his school.

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