Otago Down Syndrome Association Annual Conference

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Posted: 25 November 2019
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The Otago Down Syndrome Association is presenting their annual full-day conference for teachers, teacher aides, SENCOs and RTLBs who work with students with Down Syndrome.

This conference focuses solely on challenges faced by students with Down Syndrome across primary and secondary school settings.

Presenters for the day all currently work with children with Down Syndrome and have had continued success helping students achieve their education goals. These speakers look forward to sharing their experience with others, providing information to better understand the needs of our students and allowing opportunities to improve current strategies.

The day will be made up of keynote addresses and some streamed workshops where attendees will choose their session. This will allow teams to focus on strategies that are tailored to supporting their children and their unique challenges.

The topics covered at this conference will include:

    • Friendships
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Numeracy
    • Sensory Processing
    • Creating communication opportunities – Helen Brunner
    • Behaviour management
    • Apps to support learning

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02 March 2020 – 02 March 2020

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