Intensive Interaction: Theory to Practice

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Posted: 14 November 2019
Notice reference #: 1HA2_K

This professional development event, facilitated by Dr. Mark Barber,  has been described as the definitive Introduction to Intensive Interaction available in Australasia. This 3-day professional development event takes participants on a 3–day learning journey from a multi-perspective rationale of learning and intellectual disability, to a clear rationale for teaching that supports people with the most complex intellectual disabilities to learn about the foundational and underpinning fundamentals of communication. Using Intensive Interaction, classroom teams ‘establish and implement positive and inclusive interactions that engage all students in classroom activities’.

The approach is recommended as an ‘evidence-based practice’ by the Australian Psychology Society. The Department of Education, in UK has described Intensive Interaction as being one of the most important advances in the past 15 years in their teaching resources for teachers.

This 3-day training addresses the ‘what’s the problem?’; ‘what is Intensive Interaction?’; ‘why use it?’; ‘how do you do it?’ and ‘with whom?’questions, as well as the ‘where does this sit with other practices?’; ‘how do we cope with challenging behaviour?’; ‘how might we gather evidence to assess progress?’’ ‘how do we do this in our settings?’ and ‘how do we disseminate it to our colleagues?’

Cost: $440.

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06 April 2020 – 08 April 2020

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