Rights: Now! Engaging Children on Matters That Interest and Affect Them

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Posted: 11 November 2019
Notice reference #: 1HA1zX

As your 2020 planning takes shape, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner would like to recommend our FREE Rights: Now! Engaging with children on matters that affect them’ education resource.

The Rights: Now! Level 2–3 education resource provides a great introduction for you and for children to develop an understanding and practical application of children’s rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (the Children’s Convention).

This resource has a specific focus on a child’s right to have their say, participate and be heard on issues that affect them.

Rights: Now! includes 2 sessions and hands-on activities as well as background information and resources. It provides children with the opportunity to exercise their right to have a say in their world, whether it be in their school, community or the whole country and is a great way to kick-start the new year.

Links with the New Zealand Curriculum

The New Zealand Curriculum gives strong support to inquiry-based learning and to involving students in critical thinking. The lessons in Rights: Now! are designed to encourage learners as innovative thinkers and to critically analyse questions related to their rights. This resource aligns with principles and values from the curriculum including future focus; innovation, inquiry and curiosity; and community participation. It also aligns with 4 of the 5 key competencies: thinking; managing self; relating to others; and participating and contributing.

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