How to Get Santa to Write to Your Class!


Posted: 04 November 2019
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My name’s Alex and I’m the postie that goes to the North Pole every year. I’m about to head off, so I thought I’d quickly remind schools that we deliver right to Santa’s doorstep. 

This year, we’ve made it magically easy to arrange children’s Santa mail.

If you’d like Santa to send everyone in the class a postcard, just follow these easy steps:  

  • Click here to fill out Santa’s form before Friday 15 November.
  • Santa will then send non-personalised postcards for all the kids in your class
  • You can expect to receive these by 6 December.

 If the kids would like to write their own personal letters to Santa, all they have to do is: 

  • They’ll need you or a parent/guardian to help them with their name and postal address (school or home) 
  • If Santa receives a message by 1 December, he can mail his reply. If he receives a message between 2–23 December, he’ll email it instead.

Alex and the rest of the team at New Zealand Post.

Further information

Contact: Anna Ramsey

 (027) 839 6272