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Posted: 30 October 2019
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Creative Thinking Workshop with Squiggla

A big part of introducing creative thinking into the classroom is to encourage learners to think outside the box. But how do you do that? Research has shown that creative thinking is enhanced through divergent thinking, play, collaboration, and the testing of new ideas, new ways of making. We all know exercising the body is crucial and so too is exercising the creative mind involving the brain, the eye, and the whole body to think outside the box.

The programme we use to do this is called Squiggla – a non-judgemental mark making exercise which involves use of the visual language of dots and lines to open up possibilities for everyone to be inventive and creative in the classroom.

Check it out:

We are holding Squiggla Workshops for all Teachers in conjunction with Body Matter, an exhibition of children’s artworks planned to take place inside AUTs art school, from the 16–24 November, 2019.

The exhibition, Body Matter, is an exhibition of children's artwork that has been developed and curated by a group of artists/teachers/educators – members of the Artists in Education Collective Aotearoa (AiECA) – who work with children in different early childhood, primary and intermediate educational settings, in and around Auckland – or beyond.  

Come and find out what it is all about – and see how you can use Squiggla, which is suitable for all ages, in your classroom.

When: Sunday 17 November and Sunday 24 November. 

Time: 2–4pm

Where: Auckland University of Technology (AUT), 4th Floor, WM Building, St Paul Street, Auckland CBD – see AUT campus map:

Please RSVP – it is essential to register your interest, email Karen Turner, Whangaparaoa College:

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17 November 2019 – 17 November 2019


24 November 2019 – 24 November 2019

Further information

Contact: Janita Craw

 (021) 028 25753