Hauora and Learning Success Tools for Māori Boys, Jon and Marama Winder

Professional development (PD)

Posted: 04 October 2019
Notice reference #: 1HA087

Jon Te One Winder and Marama Winder support the national imperative for the well-being and academic success of our Māori boys through this powerful workshop with high reviews. Jon Te One has worked in several Māori and state schools in this field with close ties with Māori elders. He has success working with boys and a commitment to hauora and high educational outcomes for Māori youth. He believes that Te Ao Māori (Māori world view) has much to offer education, particularly the application of Tā Mason Durie’s Te Whare Tapa Whā framework. This hui supports teachers to utilise this framework within their school.

This workshop uses a strength-based inquiry approach. Following Kaupapa Māori approaches, Jon Te One and Marama support teachers to help Māori boys reclaim their mauri, mana and whakapapa to their own cultural identity, knowing from this viewpoint all things are interconnected, including relationships to whānau, whenua and their learning pathways.

Outcomes from this Kaupapa                                              

  • Support for Māori boys to restore their whakapapa, mauri - life force - and their mana
  • Ways to integrate whanau, wairua, physical and mental/emotional aspects into learning
  • Understanding and mitigating issues creating the high suicide statistics
  • Using the science to understand how boys succeed at school
  • Applying ways Māori elders learnt to modern contexts   
  • Utilising Jon’s deep knowledge of how boys naturally learn

Date: 12 November  

Time: 9am–3pm

Venue: Whangarei Library, Whangarei

Fees: $300+GST Earlybird $280+GST by 29 October
$270+GST per person for 2 staff from same school at same time
$260+GST per person for 3 or more staff from same school at same time

 Registration: Email or ph (09) 427 5823.

‘Fantastic facilitators who had mean passion for Māori success.’ Atene Henare

‘Very down to earth, practicalCollaborative mahi at its best.’ Mary Allen

Further information

Contact: Jon Winder

 (09) 427 5823