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Posted: 02 October 2019
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Each year Victoria University of Wellington hosts a one-day Teacher Symposium where we aim to improve linkages between secondary and tertiary educators. This year we will be exploring the topic of inquiry based learning in the mathematics and statistics classroom.

Inquiry-based classrooms lean towards interactive learning, with discourse encouraging verbalisation, analysis and critique of the reasoning process. For teachers, this can increase the complexity of the classroom. Many of us were taught in the traditional teacher-led classroom—making the transition even more complicated.

This symposium will explore how we can develop inquiry in the mathematics and statistics classroom. We will cover assessing inquiry, individual influences on inquiry and cultural influences on inquiry. Together we aim to shape some ideas on how to make the classroom more inquisitive.

Please join us for a day of discussion, interaction and inspiration on how we can achieve learning outcomes and engagement with mathematics and statistics.

To register for your seat, please visit our events page on the Victoria University of Wellington School of Mathematics and Statistics page.

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New Zealand (nationwide)

13 December 2019 – 13 December 2019

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Contact: Caitlin Warwood

 (04) 463 5651