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Posted: 17 September 2019
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This training is for all organisations working directly or indirectly with children/young people. Whether your safeguarding journey is just starting, part way or near completion.

When achieved a Safeguarding Culture protects children/young people; the organisation and the workforce. The challenge is knowing what is needed, toolkits available or where to go for affordable help.

Designed by experts who have led organisations through safeguarding accreditation, this course offers:

  • 3 specialist Safeguarding Children resources (included in course material):
    * Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy Audit Tool
    * Safeguarding Culture Checklist
    * Safeguarding Code of Conduct Guide

  • Identifying the 5 core components and elements that embed a safeguarding culture
  • Defining safeguarding and child protection within professional roles
  • Learning how unsuitable personnel may target organisations
  • Risk mitigation
  • Exploring staff safety, reducing risks of allegations against staff.


Senior/Operational Management; Lead/Designated Safeguarding Staff; People and Culture/HR Staff; Learning and Development Staff; Supervisors/Leaders; any personnel wishing to further their safeguarding professional development.

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31 October 2019 – 31 October 2019

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