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Posted: 06 September 2019
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Based on the work of Parker J. Palmer, (author of Courage to Teach), these Circle of Trust retreats offer a unique approach to personal and professional development.  They're designed to nurture your courage to show up authentically in your life and work, and to sustain and grow your well-being, resilience and effectiveness in the face of challenge and change.

Circle of Trust principles and practices can be adapted by schools to help grow and sustain teacher and collegial wellbeing, and to develop high-trust cultures where creativity and collaboration thrive.  

You can attend individual days or take advantage of the generous discount and register for the series.  Each retreat will highlight and explore a fundamental aspect of the Circle of Trust approach.     

The Courage Way Retreats:
How to live & lead with integrity                       Saturday 16 November 
How to create trustworthy space                      Saturday 15 February 2020
How to listen deeply & question well                 Saturday 16 May 2020
How to embrace paradox & transform conflict    Saturday 1 August 2020
Reflective practice in community                      Saturday 14 November 2020

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16 November 2019 – 16 November 2019

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