Workshop – Worthwhile Tasks in Mathematics, with Kevin Hannah

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Posted: 08 August 2019
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Venue: Hillcrest High School, Hamilton.

Date: Saturday, 31 August

Time: 10am–12.30pm.

This will be a fascinating workshop for teachers of primary, intermediate and secondary who are looking to expand their students’ ability to think mathematically.

Please register your interest in attending at this link.

There will be a $5 cover-charge for morning tea.

A professor at University of Canterbury, Kevin has significant experience working collaboratively with primary, intermediate and secondary schools in developing mathematics teaching practice.

Within the Best Evidence Synthesis of Mathematics, discussions around ‘Worthwhile Tasks’ include points about how effective teachers ensure that all students are given tasks that help them improve their understanding; and set tasks that require students to make and test conjectures, pose problems, look for patterns, and explore alternative solution paths.

This presentation includes examples where pre-planned tasks have provided students with these opportunities to engage with mathematics, along with moments when simple tasks have grown a leg. Solving unrehearsed problems and valuing student-generated methods are emerging themes.


A follow up workshop will give folk a chance to grapple further with some of the problems.

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31 August 2019 – 31 August 2019

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