Mindfulness Training: Improving Attention, Mental Resilience and Self-regulation for Teachers and Students

Professional development (PD)

Posted: 08 August 2019
Notice reference #: 1H9w_6

This 2 day immersion training covers all aspects of mindfulness needed to establish your own self-calming practice as well as teach students. Covering basic neuroscience, breath physiology, emotional intelligence, recognising unhelpful thinking patterns and understanding the underlying mechanisms that are engaged when practicing. Lesson plans, an 8 week Workbook and other resources supplied. If time constraints stop you attending, it is possible to attend the first day only.

To register go to:

Wellington: Abel Tasman Hotel – 31 August–1 September.

Auckland: St Columba Centre Ponsonby – 5–6 September.

Christchurch: The Viewing Romm Papanui Rd – 19–20 September.

Further information

Contact: Rita Riccola

 (021) 238 7799