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Professional development (PD) Auckland, Wellington, Otago

Posted: 22 July 2019
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Have you ever wondered why children and adults love video games? The short and obvious answer is, they’re fun. Video games are designed to challenge and engage all age groups. Gamification is a term that, Learning with Games have taken and turned into a radical new teaching model.

Join Carl Condliffe and Dale Sidebottom for a full day of gamified learning. Both teachers are world renowned educators. Today’s workshop is designed for primary school and secondary school teachers, looking for new ways to get maximum buy in and engagement from their students.

Carl is a Health and PE teacher from Wellington, NZ. He is well known from his innovative approaches to PE and his advocacy for gamification and flipped learning in the classroom. Carl's passion for gamification comes from his experience as a semi-professional gamer, where he visited a number of countries competing on the world stage!

Dale has been referred to as the “energiser bunny of the PE world”. He is also the owner of ‘Bottoms Up Fitness’ (, where he has changed the way fitness is conducted in school settings around the world. is also another of Dales businesses where he has created over 35 mobile applications for teachers ( Along with his brand Energetic Education podcast and new Learning with Games site, Dale is excited to be sharing his enthusiasm and energy with you today.

The workshop is split in to three sections, Carl and Dale will take you through some of the latest and best practices for teaching:

  • Gamification throughout the school
  • Class based board games
  • Musical workouts
  • Brain and energy breaks
  • Dice and card fitness for all subjects
  • Team building fitness games
  • Game development and cross curricular activities
  • Plus much more.

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19 August 2019 – 19 August 2019


20 August 2019 – 20 August 2019


21 August 2019 – 21 August 2019

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