'Royal Jelly' A Show About BEES, Touring to Your School

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Posted: 18 June 2019
Notice reference #: 1H9vBJ

Suitability: Y1–6.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Price: $4 (+ GST) per student (minimum audience 130 children).

Phoebe loves her bees and takes great pride in the hives she keeps in her backyard. She knows how important bees are for food production for humans: “Without bees there would be no chocolate because they pollinate the cocoa plant.” But she never expects to be shrunk and brought into the hive to solve an environmental problem. The queen Bee summons her and begs her to help save her bees. The bees are troubled by a mysterious spray called Cleanerupicide which is making them sick and causing them to lose their way. Phoebe experiences the life of the hive first hand: the diverse jobs bees perform in the hive, the hierarchy, the breeding of new queens, the processes of making honey, wax, propolis and of running the bee colony.

She is thrust back out into the human world to stop the greedy mayor who is embarking on a big clean-up of the town, using the poisonous spray, Cleanerupicide. He hopes to sell the spray globally to become rich and famous. Phoebe journeys between the hive and the human world, meeting scientists, bee royalty, comic Cleanerupiciders working for the mayor, and the deceitful, greedy Mayor himself. She must work out how to make change to stop the mayor and to save the bees. She learns about ‘kid activists’ who are making changes in their countries. Inspired, she makes a plan to stop the mayor and looks for ways to help the bees so that humans will survive.

Comic characters, vivid storytelling, bee facts, physical theatre and puppetry combine to tell this story of Phoebe and her quest to save the bees- a funny, informative and visually beautiful show.


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