Rock and Water Programme Introductory Workshop for Educators

Professional development (PD) Canterbury

Posted: 14 June 2019
Notice reference #: 1H9vA9

Join us at Queenspark School in Parklands for an active, inspiring and empowering day of Rock and Water games and activities. 

Rock and Water is a scientifically evidenced social skills programme (latest research for Primary aged students published April 2019) that reduces bullying, increases self-esteem, self-regulation, social integration and reduces feelings of depression. 

Rock and Water uses physical games and exercises as cues to develop mental and social strength. Students learn to be calm, to be assertive, to communicate clearly and that they always have a choice – a Rock or a Water reaction. 

The Introductory workshop takes participants through the fundamentals of the programme and provides guidance for those wanting to start delivering the programme.

A starters manual is provided.

Cost $240 including GST, manual, catering and certificate. 

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24 August 2019 – 24 August 2019

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Contact: Robin Schofield

 (027) 674 8426