Postformal Education, the Future of Education: A Conversation, with Dr Jennifer Gidley

Professional development (PD) Wellington

Posted: 31 May 2019
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At this time, there is no doubt that education is having a hard time of it. In fact, it really is in crisis. In particular, as machines become more ‘human’, humanity needs to develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be human – to become more fully human. Education needs to be leading the way in this, not following in its wake. We are excited to bring Dr Jennifer Gidley, futurist, postformal psychologist and author of Postformal Education: A Philosophy for Complex Futures, to Wellington. Her philosophy of postformal education is challenging but highly relevant for these times in which we live.

This day is for those who wish to contribute to a 'postformal' conversation about a sustainable and humanising future for education. This is not for those who simply wish to be spectators, or bystanders – it is not a conference although there will be some presentations and thinkpieces – but it is for those who wish to be actively involved in co-constructing the future of education.


Where: Amesbury School, Wellington.

Length: 9am–4.30pm.

When: 9 October.

Price: $295.

Places available: 50


In this workshop-conversation format, you will experience both “fast and slow education”. There will be snappy, fast-paced presentations and thinkpieces to introduce the ideas of postformal education and to get your intellectual and creative juices flowing, and then the conversation will be “slow”, giving everyone time to contribute and build on their own thinking and the thinking of others throughout the day. Occasionally time will stand still, as we reflect and have conversations with our inner selves, exploring our own thoughts, feelings and experiences.

You will leave the workshop-conversation with greater knowledge and understanding of, and an increased commitment to, developing the future of education both at your place and mine.

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09 October 2019 – 09 October 2019

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