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Posted: 27 May 2019
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Measuring out a 30m long blue whale, composing whale songs and learning about the impact of marine litter, these are just a handful of activities available to you and your students when Project Jonah comes to visit!

Project Jonah is a marine mammal welfare charity that strives to create a world where marine mammals are respected and protected. Our work involves coordinating trained volunteers nationwide to help at whale strandings, as well raising awareness of human impacts on these animals and marine education programmes.

We believe that the more children know about the amazing marine mammals that are right here on our coastline, the more they will want to help protect both them and the ocean that they call home. And with Plastic Free July coming up soon, what better way to inspire your students?!

We are able to provide your school or center with an engaging, interactive and educational presentation that lasts around an hour and is suitable for students from kindergarten to Y8. The only limitation is how many children can fit in your hall!  The presentation covers marine mammals (whales and dolphins) found in New Zealand, a look at strandings and why they happen, and some of the issues facing our oceans. We also bring our life-sized inflatable pilot whale along so that the children can get hands-on learning. 

We can present during term time to schools and centers in the Wellington region and will be making a trip to the Kapiti Coast between Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 June.

Please email to request a visit! 

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01 June 2019 – 31 July 2019

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