Chess: South Auckland Primary Interschools Regional Qualifier

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Posted: 24 May 2019
Notice reference #: 1H9uGo

Venue: Everglade Primary School, 64 Everglade Drive, Goodwood Heights.

Format: 6 round swiss-system event for teams.

Teams consist of 4 players (with optional reserve) in Y1–6 from the same school.

Players must be ranked in order of playing strength; the order must be declared before the start of the event and must not change during the event. Furthermore, players in team A should be stronger than those in Team B, and so on.

Note that teams may be paired against another team from the same school.

Time control: Rapid – 15 minutes each player plus 5 seconds increment per move from move one.

Adult support: Visiting school teams must have an adult (teacher, parent, or guardian) present to supervise them. Teams that arrive without such a supervisor will not be allowed to take part.

Information required: Name of school, name and email address of the chess contact at the school, name and email address of team captain (if different), number of teams entered, list of players in each team in order (Team A board 1,2,3,4,reserve; Team B 1,2,3,4,reserve, and so on), players' NZCF/FIDE ID (if known).

Prizes: Tiebreaks will be used to determine standing of all teams if necessary.

First three teams will receive gold, silver, and bronze medals. Medals will be individually engraved with each player's name and sent, with certificates, to school principals after the event, for presentation at assembly.

Players who score 6/6 will also receive medals and certificates.

School with top team qualifies for entry into Auckland Finals and National Finals. For National Finals, a second school qualifies for entry if 20 or more teams compete; a third school qualifies for entry if 30 or more teams compete.

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12 June 2019 – 12 June 2019

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Contact: Helen Milligan

 (021) 076 3877