Increase Learner Agency - Holiday Course

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 10 May 2019
Notice reference #: 1H9u0s

Empowering learners with agency puts them at the centre of their own learning.  It moves them from being passive recipients of learning, towards having the skills, tools & dispositions to actively drive their own learning in a world of constant change.  Yet even though this is something we all strive for as teachers, it’s not an easy road as it requires a significant shift in both our mindset and our practice. 

This can be daunting for busy teachers who often wonder things like:

What is the big picture: what does agency look like?
What steps can I take to increase learner agency in my space?  
How do I manage it, in a way that works for all my learners?
How do I get more flexible and personalised, while meeting school and national requirements? 

If this sounds like you, this highly practical workshop is a must!  It will give participants a much clearer understanding of the nature of learner agency, the steps you can take to get there, and a variety of proven practical ideas, techniques & solutions from NE to Y8, that you can implement in your single cell or collaborative space.  
Once you see your children's response to having increased power over their learning, there will be no turning back for you.    

This course is based in Auckland in the holiday break, so no relievers required.

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08 July 2019 – 08 July 2019