Delivering Successful Sustained Innovation

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 10 May 2019
Notice reference #: 1H9u0m

A one-day workshop with John Edwards and Bill Martin

The research is clear; most innovations either fail or deliver disappointing results.

This workshop introduces a powerful new model of innovation that already has a strong track record for delivering significant results. 
Where are you currently in this space?
What innovation would transform your school and your work life?
How can you achieve what you are absolutely dying to achieve?
If only we could … (here will be a safe space to share this with innovative colleagues)

This is a day for exploring three insights: 

  • Innovation is about future focus.
  • Innovation involves a major step change, massive stretch.
  • Nothing should be implemented in your school until you know it will work.

This will be a highly interactive workshop. John and Bill have requested that we limit this workshop to 30 people so that they can work more intimately with people who are serious about innovation. If that is you, we suggest you register early.

John Edwards and Bill Martin are in strong demand around the world. They each have a long track record of innovative work across education, high performance sport and the corporate sector in New Zealand. Many of you will have attended their education workshops in past years. Our feedback from these has been highly positive. Their unique mix of practicality, research-base, deep insight, “stories from the field”, track record of generating quality outcomes, and humour, makes for productive, enjoyable workshops. 

This will be their only joint education workshop in New Zealand for 2019. We have convinced them to fit this one workshop for us into a very full itinerary in New Zealand in June.

This will be based in Auckland 

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26 June 2019 – 26 June 2019