ELF19: Digital Divides, Dividends and Dangers

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Posted: 13 May 2019
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Education Leaders Forum 2019: Digital Divides, Dividends and Dangers, 17–18 July, Dunedin is the 13th in an annual series for education leaders and aspiring leaders from across the learning spectrum.

Educators are more important than ever as knowledge navigators in a world awash with digital data. The nature of learning, work and everyday life is changing rapidly. Information travels at the speed of light but not so knowledge and wisdom. To lead effectively we must first adapt.

ELF19 will boost your capability and credibility as an education leader.

ELF19 is designed to give educators actionable leadership insights into bridging digital divides, unlocking digital dividends and avoiding digital dangers. Ensure your learning community is represented.

Otago Polytechnic is Principal Sponsor of ELF19,  supported by Te Kura and Enterprise Dunedin.

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17 July 2019 – 18 July 2019

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