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Posted: 07 May 2019
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To Leader (Curric. Team. HOD. CoL.)

At team leaders TOOLBOX you can expect:

  • To be given the keys to successfully LEAD across GENERATIONS (Boomer – Gen X – Millennial – Gen Z)
  • To be giving the skills and tools to grow as an effective leader-communicator
  • To be equipped with many of Marus Buckingham's Strengths and Dr Brene Brown's Courageous Leadership tools
  • To learn the seven key strategies into how to run an effective team meeting
  • To be given the secrets to winning with people
  • To be equipped with the tools and strength finding resources that will enable you and your team to thrive.


Thursday 30 May – Christchurch.

As a team leader, your job is to enable your team to thrive.

In addition, positioning your team members in the right places, with the right tools, to enable you and your team(s) to reach their potential. 

Keynote speaker, Marshall Diggs (MEd Leadership) will teach and inspire you from his wealth of experience as a principal, deputy principal, teaching mentor and community leader on the secrets of building and leading a winning team.

Team Leaders TOOLBOX is guaranteed to be your best PLD opportunity of 2019 and

I would personally love to have you join with us!

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30 May 2019 – 30 May 2019

Further information

Contact: Marshall Diggs

 (027) 560 9400