The Ernest Duncan Award for Teaching Mathematics

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Posted: 06 May 2019
Notice reference #: 1H9t_r

The New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers (NZAMT) is pleased to call for applications for this award, in accordance with the trust deed. The awards are of monetary value and available to teachers at any New Zealand school within the meaning of the Education Act. The awards are made in recognition of an individual’s outstanding contribution to the classroom teaching of mathematics.  

The general (but not exclusive) criteria for selection are:

  • An effective sequence or resource for teaching mathematics in primary or secondary school classes
  • A device for teaching some aspects of mathematics
  • A television, video, audio-visual or other communication programme, on or for, teaching mathematics
  • A paper proposing or examining a method of teaching mathematics.

Preference of awards will be made to non-commercial resources.

Teachers are encouraged to apply by completing a form:

Applicants must indicate their contribution to the classroom teaching for mathematics and provide evidence of fulfilling the criteria.  

All applications must be with NZAMT by Friday 27 September.

Note: Resource material may be displayed at the NZAMT Conference.

The award is advertised nationally with entries being judged by a subcommittee of the NZAMT National Executive.  The amount awarded to prize-winners varies as to the quality of the work.

Any queries can be made to:

Further information

Contact: Francis Leslie-Ellis

 (021) 0239 7423