Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Training

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Posted: 26 April 2019
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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an evidenced based form of mindfulness developed at Umass Medical School for Mindfulness over 30 years ago and it is now widely recognised as the gold standard in Mindfulness training available globally. It is the only form of mindfulness training available with 30 years of evidence to show it's efficacy and tangible results for participants.

Highly regarded, respected and used extensively in hospitals, health care settings, education and corporate companies all over the world, due in part to the evidence base, but also it’s success to deliver lasting effects and results for participants.


  • Enhanced focus and attention
  • Improved decision-making ability
  • Increased self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Higher levels of resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Strengthened cognitive effectiveness
  • Improved performance
  • Heightened ability to manage and prevent stress
  • Increased wellbeing
  • Greater creativity.

This training can positively effect work dynamics, communication, team work across the work environment and work place culture. One of the best talks on Mindfulness delivered by Peter Bostelmann, Director of SAP’s Mindfulness program. He outlines quite clearly how Mindfulness has moved from an optional extra to an absolute central role in wellbeing, productivity and competitive edge.


Principals and teachers have done the MBSR and found it has significantly reduced stress and increased overall wellbeing.

I am a trained facilitator with the Mindfulness Institute of Australasia, affiliated with UMass Medical School for Mindfulness in the US. I am also a registered NZ teacher.

For more information: http://www.antoniafiteni.com/mindfulness.html

The importance of taking mental wellness seriously and all round wellbeing has never been more important.

The evidence clearly shows that this course is going down in history as an 8 week program that has lasting effects.

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North Island

29 April 2019 – 20 December 2019

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