Opportunities for Gifted and Talented Students at NZMSC in 2019

Projects and programmes

Posted: 16 April 2019
Notice reference #: 1H9tH3

The New Zealand Marine Studies Centre (University of Otago) is being supported by a new Ministry of Education grant to deliver a range of programmes designed for gifted and talented students. Though immersed in the science of the marine world, the programmes extend and enrich the shared learning and knowledge building through multidisciplinary connections and challenges. Small teams are mentored by post-graduate research students through indepth practical inquiry. Thinking skills and problem solving, team work and investigation protocols, organisational and time management skills, communication and presentation practices, creativity and humour are all part of the process as the students live and work in a community of like-minds.

Applications are invited from across the South Island for a range of programmes with specific student targets, Y7–8, Y7–8 Pasifika, Y9 Māori, Y10, Y10 Māori, Y11, Y11–12 Māori.

For further information, overview of 2019 programmes, programme dates and schedules and student applications access our website: www.otago.ac.nz/marine-studies/learning/science-extension/index.html

For any further queries contact portobello.marinescience@otago.ac.nz