Working With Change in Adults

Professional development (PD) Wellington

Posted: 12 April 2019
Notice reference #: 1H9tDs

A part of adult learning and development is change. One thing is also certain in life, is that we will experience change. What is not certain, is how we deal with it. This workshop explores how adults may perceive change, problem focused and emotion focused coping strategies to provide an environment that supports adults to work with change. This workshop is suitable for educators in all early childhood services.

This workshop includes: Adult learning and development theories; problem focused coping; emotion focused coping; strategies to use in practice.

Facilitated by Kirstin Prince.

Workshop cost: $120 + GST.

Workshop time: 10am to 4pm.

Venue: Senior Teacher, 8c Ihakara St, Paraparaumu.

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16 May 2019 – 16 May 2019

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Contact: Jemma Easton

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