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Posted: 22 February 2019
Notice reference #: 1H9rKn

A new unit – Health, Driving and Substance Impairment – is available for secondary teachers to freely download and use. Students analyse how medication can impair driving. This is a sizeable and serious problem in New Zealand, affecting drivers of all ages.

Five credit NCEA Level 3 resource. Students examine determinants of health, and implications for the wellbeing of people and society. From this analysis, they recommend health-enhancing strategies. High-quality data is provided plus resources designed using SOLO Taxonomy.

Supports assessment for Achievement Standard 91461: Analyse a New Zealand health issue.

Download here:

Thank you Haley Charles, Upper Hutt College, for developing this resource. Last year, Haley trialled the unit with her own students, for whom investigating substance impaired driving was an eye opener.

“Prior to starting this unit, they had no idea this issue even existed. They were shocked. I’ve got a couple of students who work in pharmacies, so they became much more aware."

The resource is designed to cover 20–24 hours of lesson time over 5 to 6 weeks. It is divided into sections:

  • Introduction
  • SID is a health issue
  • Implications for wellbeing
  • Determinants of health
  • Strategies to reduce the risk of SID
  • Internal assessment resource.

“The data and videos are really useful to back up what you’re trying to teach. A lot of students need to see information presented that way to make it real for them. So here’s what the experts are saying – it’s not just ideas coming from me, the teacher.” – Haley Charles

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