Bringing Theories into Practice – Transforming Environment and Curriculum

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Posted: 11 February 2019
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Through this year’s 3-part workshop series, led by Adrienne Thomson, we will look at the foundations of an inspiring environment and curriculum to support children’s ability to ponder and wonder.  Adrienne has over 35 years early childhood education experience and has led the O2s team at Magic Garden for the last 15 years. In that time her team crafted the environment from a blank canvas into a vibrant space which sustains the rich, empowering curriculum.  Join Adrienne to expand your vision of what’s possible when creating learning spaces that are welcoming, comfortable; and that invite connections between people, places and things.

Session 1: A Foundation for Connections

This session looks at ways the environment makes explicit the values and intentions of the teachers by considering

  1. The elements that lay the foundation for an inspiring environment
  2. The dynamic systems that inform and shape the learning that will happen there
  3. The ethical and ecological pedagogies that bring life to Te Whāriki

Session 2: In Dialogue with Materials

This session offers insights into the principles of presenting materials as invitations for focus and intention by

  1. Looking at the role the environment plays in children’s search for knowledge
  2. Gaining some hands-on experience in how to provoke and invite investigation
  3. Understanding ways to enhance children’s use of materials toward more

Session 3: Making connections through a culture of storytelling

Part 3 brings the previous two sessions together by

  1. Showing how the narratives invoked by materials in the environment allow children to express their thoughts, feelings and imaginings
  2. Exploring the role of the teacher as a co-constructor of meaning with children, other teachers and families
  3. Examining how documentation gathers traces of children’s narratives and working theories so they can be made visible to others.

Events summary

New Zealand (nationwide)

07 March 2019 – 09 May 2019

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