Educa Webinar: Montessori Theory of Human Tendencies

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Posted: 08 February 2019
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Presented by Cathy Wilson


After years of careful observation, Maria Montessori was able to identify eleven important tendencies, such as exploration, orientation and order. These are called Human Tendencies and they compel human beings to construct and refine the world around them.

In this free webinar, Cathy Wilson, Executive Officer for Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand will cover this aspect of Montessori theory, namely Human Tendencies.

In Montessori philosophy, they are the key to understanding how and why a Montessori classroom calls out to the very soul of the child.

Cathy will run through the 11 human tendencies -- orientation, order, exploration, repetition, work, activity, communication, manipulation, exactness, perfection and abstraction. And she will describe a prepared environment, i.e., the Montessori classroom with its carefully chosen and beautifully arranged materials that is built around these tendencies. 

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About your host

Cathy Wilson is the CEO of Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand. Educa has a continuing partnership with MANZ and Cathy that started almost at our inception.

Cathy has delivered numerous workshops for the Early Childhood Council, Victoria University and MANZ. She has also presented at Early Childhood Council and MANZ conferences.

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New Zealand (nationwide)

10 April 2019 – 10 April 2019

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