Learning and Wellbeing for Boys in Early Childhood Education

Professional development (PD) Waikato, Manawatu/Whanganui, Wellington, Marlborough, Otago

Posted: 04 February 2019
Notice reference #: 1H9qtR

An authoritative and comprehensive seminar by Joseph Driessen, a leading educator in boys’ learning, giving a wide range of practical advice based on current research and best practices in the ECE sector.  

  • Creating learning environments which engage boys
  • Supporting boys as system thinkers and empathisers
  • Understanding and catering for boys’ play preferences
  • Meeting boys’ needs in their relationships
  • Teacher skills for the insecure attachments of some boys
  • Reduce behaviour problems, both minor and major
  • Providing for challenge and risk, while keeping safe
  • Fostering yet channelling boys’ imaginary superhero play
  • Boys’ group dynamics: the need for leadership and structure. 

Some comments:

This Seminar had a huge impact on our teachers.”  Michelle Clark, Southland Kindergarten Association

This was the by far the best Professional Development we have had." Sarah Graham, First Year Preschool, Dannevirke

" What I enjoyed most was the practical and theory so well blended together" Lisa Samuel, Teacher.

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06 March 2019 – 06 March 2019


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20 March 2019 – 20 March 2019

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Contact: Joseph Driessen

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