Using Navigating the Journey (Y5–8)

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 28 January 2019
Notice reference #: 1H9qfc

This half-day course focuses on utilising the new Navigating the Journey Y5–6 and Y7–8 resources to deliver comprehensive sexuality education programmes to Y5–8 students. (Note that these resources are reviewed and updated versions of the The Sexuality Road – Discovering Me resource.)

Course includes: 

  • An in-depth exploration of the Navigating the Journey Y5–6 and Y7–8 resources, including themes, lesson plans and activities
  • The approach that underpins the resource
  • How to create a positive and safe learning environment for teaching sexuality education
  • Methods for assessing student learning
  • Practice responding to questions
  • Recommended resources, support agencies and organisations.

Suitable for teachers of young people in Y5–8. 

Family Planning also offers free in-school teacher professional development and capability building nationally. 

Please contact us at (04) 384 4349 or to discuss this option if the upcoming course dates and times do not work for your school or organisation.

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18 June 2019 – 18 June 2019


26 June 2019 – 26 June 2019


21 June 2019 – 21 June 2019

Further information

Contact: Madeleine Moore

 (04) 384 4349