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Posted: 21 December 2018
Notice reference #: 1H9q2K

As educators we know it is important to develop confident and clear speech in the early years to build a strong foundation for a life-long ability to communicate effectively.   But how?

In an increasingly busy world where we sometimes forget to actually speak to each other it is even more important to learn as many strategies as we can to build our children’s ability to speak well to take them into the future.

Come along and learn 
• Strategies to build children’s vocabulary
• How to provide opportunities for children to engage in discussions 
• How to teach listening skills – the first step to speaking!
• Quick and easy tips and tricks to use on a daily basis to provide a rich learning experience for children to learn to speak

All these resources and more will be wrapped up in a tool kit to take back to your early learning service and which you can also pass along to parents, a powerful teach to learn strategy.

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05 February 2019 – 05 February 2019

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Contact: Miriam McKenzie

 (027) 600 4631