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Professional development (PD) Auckland, Waikato

Posted: 18 December 2018
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ELP Lecture Series - February lecture - 7–9pm

Presented by Lorraine Sands

We know that when children build their ideas about risk and challenge, they start from where they feel comfortable, then stretch the edges of their competence. They practice. It is when they are crew members rather than passengers that children ramp up their capacity for learning; adventurous learning that relies on a growing sense of fair mindedness and on curiosity and determination to stretch learning to the edge and beyond with and alongside their friends. And this is true for teachers too!! When teachers feel empowered to contribute their own passions, energies and spirits to their learning and teaching community and truly feel listened to, they ramp up their contributions. It is when we feel judged that we shrink away from contributing with whole hearted energy!

This was behind our focus and determination to make the professional work we do exciting, meaningful, and practical. Possible, in ways that would see us stretching our learning and teaching, with contextual evidence that acted as the trace of our professional lives. So, what about empowerment for teachers? What about strength based learning for teachers? And what might this look like inside internal evaluation, teacher appraisal and teacher certification?

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