A Sense of Wonder: The Starting Point for Inquiry in Primary Science

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Posted: 30 November 2018
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A Sense of Wonder: The Starting Point for Inquiry in Primary Science, with Ian Milne

This workshop is informed by the presenter’s work developing Creative Exploration  in classes in a range of Auckland schools.

Creative Exploration is an organic, interactive and co constructivist approach to teaching and learning in science that mirrors aspects of the ways in which scientists work.

Children personalising their science activity leading to the development and sharing, of creative explanations of natural phenomena. Doing science rather than learning science.

The workshop shows how science learning is also enhanced when the use of literacy and mathematical strategies are made explicit as the teacher and children create records including collaborative narratives of their experiences throughout their inquiry journey. ( Milne 2016)

Course participants will be required to actively explore a range of effective teaching and learning strategies designed to enhance the children’s engagement and learning in science. Examples of  contextual relevant  teaching and learning practices will be shared modelled and evaluated including how literacy and mathematical teaching and learning is required to be embedded whenever science teaching and learning is taking place.

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A sense of wonder: The starting point for inquiry in primary science with Ian Milne

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26 February 2019 – 26 February 2019

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