Professional Development with Barbara Brann in Term 1

Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 29 November 2018
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Barbara Brann will be in NZ in Term 1 2019 and will be available for PD in both the North and South Islands. Sessions will focus on The Magic Caterpillar (Casey the Caterpillar) Handwriting Process and on The Magic Caterpillar's Building Blocks to Literacy associated with Play-Based Learning.

There is increasing interest in Play-Based Learning and there is also pressure to ensure that children in their first year of school continue to achieve certain standards of literacy. The Magic Caterpillar's Building Blocks to Literacy offers a framework of learning that fits perfectly with a Play-Based approach to ensure that learning can be easily tracked and assessed without the need for formal testing. 

The Magic Caterpillar (Casey the Caterpillar) Handwriting Process is used throughout the world to ensure that students learn to write using correct and automatic letter formation right from the start.  Students learn to write every letter within months of starting school. 

While there are hundreds of schools throughout New Zealand currently using The Magic Caterpillar (Casey the Caterpillar) Handwriting Process, there are teachers who have not received PD in the theory or use of the Process.  If your school wants the best results, teachers need to understand and implement the Process correctly to ensure that handwriting becomes automatic and does not interfere with higher level thinking such as is needed in written language tasks, spelling development and creative writing.

This PD will upskill teachers already using the process and ensure that new teachers understand how to implement it correctly for best results.

Schools and Early Learning Centres are invited to host a Professional Development session for schools in your COL or local area. 

If your school is interested in hosting a PD session, please contact Barbara Brann Education to book a date for your PD by emailing

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New Zealand (nationwide)

04 February 2019 – 05 April 2019

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