Implementing a Bi-cultural Curriculum in an ECE Setting

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Posted: 15 November 2018
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Biculturalism implies the existence of two distinct cultural groups, usually of unequal status and power, within a society united by one economic and political structure.

Integrating Kaupapa Māori into a centre assists to validate the cultural roots and identity of Maori learners. It also fosters understanding of cultural and national identity for all learners.

Integrating Kaupapa Māori is a powerful means of learning, through the exploration and transfer of Māori knowledge, processes and practices, while simultaneously encouraging a better understanding of the unique nature of this country and its indigenous people.

This course delves beyond the basic implementation of cultural icons and waiata and looks into how you can guide your curriculum and everyday practice by the values, aspirations and knowledge of a Māori view of education and learning.

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