Engaging and Empowering our Energetic Boys

Professional development (PD) South Island

Posted: 15 November 2018
Notice reference #: 1H9oKJ

All children have a lot of energy that can be positively channelled into empowering learning experiences; boys in particular have a significant amount of energy that can at times be overwhelming for teachers.

This course will assist you to develop strategies around how boys learn and some ideal ways to engage with particularly enthusiastic participants in an environment. Boys need certain relationships, opportunities and boundaries to develop holistically and as teachers we should be helping them learn life values and self-discipline while celebrating their strengths and working alongside them to develop their weaknesses.

The Ministry of Education is focused on lifting the engagement and achievement of all young people in the education system. This course addresses the difference in brain maturation for boys and why they thrive through different avenues of learning. You will get practical ideas to implement into your ECE settings with strategies and processes to ensure you are setting your boys up for success.

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04 February 2019 – 04 February 2019

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