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Posted: 15 November 2018
Notice reference #: 1H9oKC

For children to be able to discover their identity, foster their well-being and develop emotional regulation, they need the freedom to express themselves freely and openly. Visual arts is a way for children to be able to do this, but are we, as teachers ensuring that their thoughts, voices, views and opinions are being expressed in an uninhibited way?

This course will delve deep into the reasons why children need an environment where they are encouraged to have full self-expression. We will discuss the strong difference between a process-focused art experience compared with a product-focused experience and how both of these concepts effect children's learning, development and self-expression.

You will get practical ideas and suggestions to enable teachers to feel empowered, to provide a provoking environment that can cater for all ages and stages of development.

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South Island

28 January 2019 – 28 January 2019

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