PCT Beginning Teacher Programme Manukau 2019

Professional development (PD)

Posted: 05 November 2018
Notice reference #: 1H9nbp

The PCT (first year) Manukau programme is designed for primary teachers of Y0–3 year students as a full one year programme covering 7 specific sessions. Sessions are scheduled between 9.00am and 3.00pm including an opening mentoring hour with Jo Williams and a daily closing reflective period. The PCT Manukau programme offers continuous personal mentoring support, a line-up of knowledgeable and expert facilitators, and encourages a collaborative-networking approach amongst teachers.

Session 1: Getting Started - Jo Williams provides information about the Induction and Mentoring Programme, unpacks the codes-standards, sets goals, discusses the Mentoring-PCT role, how to collect evidence in a work-smart way, setting up effective learning environments, developing positive relationships, learner engagement, behaviour management. 

Session 2: Jo Williams’ Effective and Balanced Reading Programme provides a practical guide for shared, modelled, guided, independent reading including recommendations on how to meet your learners’ needs.

Session 3: Lucie Cheeseman offers a Rich, Connected Mathematics Programme by unpacking learning progressions and alignment in the NZ Curriculum, focusing on problem solving, student collaborative skills, resilience, communication skills.

Session 4: Louise Dempsey establishes the features of a Balanced Writing Programme by unpacking writing skills that learners need to develop in order to write independently; she assesses the features of a balanced writing lesson.

Session 5: Paula Ormsby reviews Biculturalism and te reo Maori, demonstrating the commitment to tangata whenua and te Tirito o Waitangi partnership in Aotearoa NZ. This session includes protection, partnership, participation, with the inclusion of relevant activities and resources.

Session 6: Madeleine Collins considers Student Engagement through Science and an Integrated Curriculum including looking through a science lens, fostering a ‘sense of wonder’, early inquiry, questioning, thinking skills.

Session 7: Relates to the Teachers’ choice, a topic that participants collectively select as their preferred final subject, having worked and collaborated together during the year.

Further information

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