Consultation on Deaf Education Schools’ Proposed Merger

Official notices

Posted: 30 October 2018
Notice reference #: 1H9mt7

If you prefer, you can view this consultation notice in NZ Sign Language 

The Combined Board of Trustees of the Kelston and van Asch Deaf Education Centres has asked the Minister of Education to consider the possible merger of the two schools, to form one national school and service provider.

The Board considers that, while some achievements in developing a national approach to the provision of education have been realised, the schools still have some way to go in achieving a seamless organisation-wide culture.

Having one national structure would allow the Board to ensure it delivers services that are both accessible and equitable for every learner, no matter where in the country they live.

The proposed merger follows the Board’s development of seven strategic goals for service improvement, which were finalised in late 2017 following engagement with students, parents, staff and stakeholders. The proposed change in structure aims to better enable the Board to realise consistent, high quality, delivery of services across New Zealand.

 If the merger is approved, both schools would legally become one and students would be enrolled at the merged school.  The schools would continue to operate in both cities, as would the existing satellite classes, the assistance programmes for students in ordinary state schools, and other support services.

 The Board is currently undertaking formal consultation with its community on the proposed merger.  Due to the national coverage of the two current schools and the dispersed nature of students, families and other stakeholders involved, the Ministry is also seeking feedback from any interested party through this notice. All feedback will be considered before preparing advice for the Minister of Education.

Feedback can be sent to Please put “Deaf Education Centres proposed merger” in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is 10 December 2018.

Further information

Contact: Mark Atkin, Philippa Pidd

 (04) 463 8239