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Posted: 20 October 2018
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In preparation for this field trip, starting 14 November, you will learn about:

  • 100 years of science in Antarctica
  • the significance of Antarctica in the development of international science during the heroic era and since the 1957/58 International Geophysical Year (IGY)
  • Antarctica as a place for scientific research
  • the importance of Antarctic science in helping us understand the dynamic world we live in
  • Antarctic food webs
  • Antarctic species such as krill and penguins
  • Climate Change and Antarctica

During the field trip you will:

  • see Shelley's tweets on twitter
  • travel to Antarctica aboard a giant C17 Globemaster
  • complete a survival training course
  • ride across sea ice on a skidoo
  • take part in contemporary Antarctic science by visiting a 2018 science field party
  • learn about algae growing under sea ice and how it relates to climate change
  • follow a submersible camera as it takes photos under the sea ice
  • use the latest sensors to take different measurements under the sea ice

By the end of the field trip:

  • students will have gained knowledge, skills and experience to understand how exploration and innovation create opportunities and challenges for people, places and environment (Social Studies Level 4)
  • students will have gained understanding about the Nature of Science - understanding science, investigating in science, communicating in science, participating and contributing (Science Levels 2-4)

Teacher Comments:

"My curriculum focus was supported fully by the LEARNZ Antarctica programme and also two NIWA scientists visiting the class in person helped no end to endorse what we had learned". Valerie Moratti from Havelock North Intermediate

"Having all of the Antarctica resources together makes it very easy for students to self-explore the parts of the topic they are especially interested in". Lisa O'Connor from St Teresa's School Featherston

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14 November 2018 – 20 November 2018

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