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Posted: 12 September 2018
Notice reference #: 1H9kdw

The full 2019 TeachNZ Scholarship programme is open from 17 September.

Students will be able to apply for a range of scholarships that can support their pathway to teaching.

The application opening, closing and notification schedule has been reshaped, to allow students a greater opportunity to apply for the scholarships that can assist their studies at a time that best suits their plans.

Applications for every scholarship available will open and close at the same time. There will be three application rounds throughout the year.                                                                                         

Applicants can apply for multiple scholarships, but can only be granted one. 

Applicants do not need to be enrolled in an approved teaching programme when applying for a scholarship, unless they are applying for a Kupe Scholarship.

The dates for the rounds are detailed below.



Open date

Close date

Notification date

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

17 September 2018

17 December 2018

6 May 2019

26 October 2018

22 February 2019

14 June 2019

29 November 2018

28 March 2019

18 July 2019


To find out more information about what scholarships will be available from 17 September, please visit

If you have any questions regarding these changes, or any additional queries please email or call (0800) 165 225.

Please make this information readily available for students with an interest in teaching.

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New Zealand (nationwide)

17 September 2018 – 26 October 2018

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Contact: TeachNZ

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