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The Competencies- The Foundation for Learning

Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide), Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty

Posted: 03 July 2018
Notice reference #: 1H9jTZ

Competence has become essential, both from an education perspective and from the perspective of preparing our young people for the communities that they will be living and working in.

As educators, we know that lifelong learning is critical but underpinning the ability to be a lifelong learner are the competencies. These competencies enable learners to take increasing agency over their own learning. 

The OECD will assess the Global Competencies via the international PISA assessment program in 2018.

The competencies have been a part of some national curriculums for a few years, but there has been very little resource to support their implementation in the classroom.

Mark Treadwell has created a complete set of conceptual competency progressions for each of the five competencies. The five competencies selected came from a review of competencies that support the ability of learners to manage and take agency over their learning.

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