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Proven Evidence-Based Outcomes: Specialised Tailored Programmes

Projects and programmes New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 18 June 2018
Notice reference #: 1H9jEc

We invite all peoples, professionals and education providers to become a part of a proven successful tailored programme approach which seeds, develops and grows young people's and students' core functional development skills, authentic and creative learning engagement and empowers each student to achieve self-determined succession pathways.

Our programmes have been delivered over the past 5 years within schools, NGO services and communities, providing beneficial key turn solution evidence data and outcomes based on the desired core needs of each provider. These programmes are not only for the perceived high-risk red-flag young people but for all students and young people abroad.

Key benefits for providers and young people who choose our programmes consist of but are not limited to:

  • Strategic therapeutic learning objective tools usable for professionals and/or teachers inside the classroom
  • Structured and planned safe engagement and development of activating and stimulating brain activity through PMP/PMF key objective learning
  • True core alignment to seeding and developing key compentencies
  • Development of soft skills, determined in 2 areas by provider values and students'/young people's lenses of identity.
  • Modification of individual characteristics and core functional learning skills with theory and practical experiences
  • Quality evidence based outcomes: 3-Pronged Responsive Reporting with objective case notes and review reports.

Current 'Top Trending' Tailored programmes we are delivering: Language, Entrepreneurship,  Affiliate, Leadership, Interim Response, iCreate and Advanced Technologies

Through our programmes, not only do the providers and professionals gain groundbreaking evidence to work with and use - the students gain key turn solutions to support themselves, their families and their communities in shaping their own futures, through self-determination and sustainable succession pathways.

Further information

Contact: Tama Emery

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