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Earth and Space Science (ESS) Scholarship, with Jenny Pollock

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 15 March 2018
Notice reference #: 1H9hwA

Earth and Space Science Scholarship requires teachers and students to not only be familiar with the Planet Earth and Beyond Strands (PEB) of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) but also the Nature of Science (NoS) strands up to and including Curriculum Level 8.

This course will support teachers to understand the ideas and content they need to plan for teaching and learning in order for students to achieve ESS Scholarship. Participants will look at the scholarship standard, specifications and other relevant documents. Level 2 and 3 science content knowledge requirements will be addressed and concepts not directly taught as part of a Level 3 course but deemed to be necessary for ESS Scholarship will be outlined.


How the Nature of Science strand can be revised by studying how scientists work to gain ESS knowledge will also be explored. Previous years’ questions and NCEA exemplars will be used to illustrate how students can use these resources to support meeting their own scholarship performance descriptors.

Teachers coming to the course are encouraged to bring and share exercises and resources successfully used with their students.


At the completion of the course participants will:

  • understand what content and skills need to be learnt and developed for ESS Scholarship
  • understand how scientists research and investigate ESS fields
  • know how to use ESS knowledge and exam resource booklets to answer questions to a scholarship and outstanding level
  • understand how to write scientifically literate answers

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01 June 2018 – 01 June 2018