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No More Tips or Dumps – Exploring Modern Engineered Landfills and Energyparks

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Posted: 28 February 2018
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Ever looked closely at what you consume? How much do you know about the 5 R's – reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, and residual management? Some of the 5 Rs are a matter of personal responsibility and good citizenship. Some of them are carried out by organisations who nowadays follow strict 21st century environmental practices on a large scale. On this 2018 field trip you will find out more about the 5 Rs when you follow Waste Management's Auckland operations that include recycling and Redvale, New Zealand's largest facility, which combines waste management and energy production in its landfill. 

During this field trip you will:

  • See Andrew's tweets on twitter
  • Sort rubbish into different bins based on the 5 Rs of recycling
  • Follow kerbside collection to a transfer station
  • Go for a ride in an electric vehicle
  • Be inducted and get kitted out so you can enter the working area of the landfill
  • Inspect the network of pipes in the landfill, used to collect methane gas from organic waste
  • Learn how and why Redvale is helping to grow eggplants
  • Visit the on-site generators to find out how they make electricity
  • Measure the amount of electricity generated from landfill material
  • Look at the total energy balance of the Redvale landfill and energy park
  • Determine how Redvale is providing energy to the national grid
  • Learn how the community are involved at Redvale
  • Find out about "Living Earth" compost

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New Zealand (nationwide)

20 March 2018 – 22 March 2018

Further information

Contact: Barrie Matthews

 (027) 223 0342