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Understanding Teacher Practice in Relation to Promoting Student Agency, by Tabitha Leonard

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 16 February 2018
Notice reference #: 1H9hY3

During this session participants will clarify what student agency is in their education context. They will explore teacher practice in relation to supporting student agency making connections with Guy Claxton’s  “Building Learner Power “(2017) and Carol Dwek’s “Growth Mindset” (2006) to develop understanding. Actions that support students to build agency will be identified and attendees will explore the impact of this on planning. The workshop will also explore changes in personal pedagogy needed to support the growth of student agency and the scaffolds needed to implement these. Time will be given to reflecting on how this impacts on current teacher planning requirements and current structures of learning schemes.

During the session participants will design a unit of work or a section of curriculum with identified specific actions that support student agency.

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28 March 2018 – 28 March 2018