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Boys in Literacy - Cracking the Code

Professional development (PD) Canterbury, Otago

Posted: 15 February 2018
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Cracking the Code - Boys in Literacy

Keynote speaker, Marshall Diggs MEd, will inspire, teach and empower you with best-practice skills and strategies to engage and improve Boys in Literacy as he shares from his reservoir of experience as a Principal, PLD Presenter, Literacy leader and father of three boys.

  • What is your data telling you about boys’ literacy achievement levels?
  • Are there discrepancies in your boys’ achievement data?
  • Is your school’s target boys / literacy?

Boys in Literacy is a fresh look at best-practice pedagogy as well as emergent pedagogy that is proven to actually works in improving boys’ achievement levels, particularly in literacy. Grounded in recent international research, including research from the McGill Centre for Research in Neuroscience, you will come away equipped with truck-loads of hands-on practical tools, and be armed and dangerous with the skills, strategies and inspirations to crack the code and enable boys to achieve and succeed in literacy.

 By attending Cracking the Code – Boys in Literacy:

  • You will gain an understanding of the neurological construct and development of boys’ brains;
  • You will be equipped with an array of best-practice pedagogical approaches that work for enabling and empowering boys;
  • You will receive valuable resources and strategies to lead staff workshops around improving boys’ literacy achievement levels.

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21 March 2018 – 21 March 2018


04 April 2018 – 04 April 2018

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Contact: Kelly Diggs

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