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How to Create a Sensory Classroom

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 05 February 2018
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Richard Hirstwood is the founder and principal tutor of Hirstwood Training. His training courses continue to be experienced worldwide. His extensive experience is based on practical knowledge, giving him insight into what works and what doesn’t in multi-sensory practice.

Whatever age or ability, we are all sensory learners.

In this workshop, we will look at how to create a sensory classroom which will enable you to offer your students engaging and creative sensory learning opportunities.  

 We will:

  • Look at the building blocks of a sensory classroom 
  • Share and carry out an environmental audit for your classroom, to show you how ‘autism/sensory impairment friendly’ your learning space is 
  • Explore tips and strategies to improve the identified areas of need
  • Look at the safety considerations in these spaces
  • Resources you need in a sensory classroom
  • Begin an ‘action plan’ to develop a sensory classroom environment
  • Look at planning appropriate sensory learning experiences
  • Share a case study on how a special school has used the environmental audit to improve their classroom environment to better meet students'  learning needs.

 Learning objectives

  • Understand the essential building blocks of a sensory classroom
  • Have an awareness of the health and safety issues
  • Be able to complete a classroom audit of a learning space, interpret the results and put in place strategies to improve identified areas of need
  • Understand what resources are essential in a sensory classroom 
  • Develop an action plan to create a sensory classroom 
  • Understand how to link learning in the sensory room with learning in the classroom to create continuous provision.


Delegates will be asked to bring along a plan and photos/short video of their classroom to work with as part of the workshop.

Target audience

Practitioners working with students who have special educational needs: teachers, SENCOs, teacher aides, therapists, RTLBs and specialist teachers.

Events summary


26 April 2018 – 26 April 2018

Further information

Contact: Julie King

 (O21) 101 0209